About me

I write light, funny mysteries (because what could be funnier than murder?)

I'm originally from New Concord, Ohio (yes, you'll need a map), but my parents started their never-ending roadtrip before I could walk.  We bounced back and forth between Michigan, Louisiana, Ohio, and Texas over and over.  After I set out on my own and graduated from the University of Michigan, I headed to Virginia (a new state!) for law school.  And then Minnesota for a job.  And then Ohio.  And then Minnesota.  Whew.  

Anyway, I eventually landed in North Texas where I make my home with the most patient husband in the world and three delightful cats -- the Tabby Congress.  Our historic house may fall down at any minute, but we love it.  And when I'm not writing, I'm teaching college kids how our government works and helping them decide whether they really, truly want to go to law school.

Life is good.

So join me.

Feel free to follow me on social media (links below) or reach out by e-mail at wendylynwatson@gmail.com

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About the Tabby Congress

Forget about the humans:  the leaders of our household are clearly the Tabby Congress.  We have quite a line-up.


Our most senior member is Squeak-a-doodle.  Squeak was born in our neighbor's backyard.  We'd recently taken in a stray (unaltered) tom, and we had pretty good reason to believe that Squeak was Toddy's son.  Since we didn't want Todd to be a deadbeat dad, we decided to keep Squeak.  The rest of the litter and mama found homes, too.  Squeak has been on the team for ten years now, but we still think of him as our kitten.  And he still earns his name, squeaking ... and being the sweetest, most loving kitty you'll ever meet.


Next up, is Tiberius, aka Tibby.  He's our criminal.  If there's something to bust, knock over, or chew to bits, Tibby's your man.  Tibby hails from the Sanger, Texas, shelter.  He's perhaps best known for his swagger:  built like an overweight pug, he walks with a remarkable strut.  One of his other endearing qualities is that he loves to crawl under the bed covers and stay toasty when it's cold outside.  He's a criminal, but he's our criminal.

Finally, we have Blaze.  Sweet, sweet Blaze.  We snatched Blaze from our backyard a couple of years ago.  He was starving and filthy.  We put a plate of wet food next to a carrier and snapped him up like nothing.  He's softened up quite a bit, but he's still convinced we'll kill him.  He's still part of the Congress.

Squeak, above

Tibby hugging Blaze, right

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