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Mysteries a la Mode

“Readers will just adore Tally and her no-nonsense attitude.  I Scream, You Scream is an enjoyable visit to small-town Texas with a helping of murder to boot.”  ~ Fresh Fiction


Scoop to Kill is a must-read for anyone who loves cozy mysteries.  It’s well-paced, cleverly plotted, and beautifully written.”  ~ The Season


A Parfait Murder is the cozy mystery at its best – complex characters, family drama, a hint of romance, and a mystery that will keep you guessing until the end.” ~ Fresh Fiction

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I Scream, You Scream

Her ice cream parlor, Remember the A-la-mode, is struggling, and she’s stooped to catering a party for her sleezeball ex-husband Wayne and his arm candy girlfriend Brittany.

Worst of all? Her dreamy high school sweetheart shows up on her front porch, swirling up feelings Tally doesn’t have time to deal with.

Things go from ugly to plain old awful when Brittany turns up dead and all eyes turn to Tally as the murderer.

With the help of her hell-raising cousin Bree, her precocious niece Alice, and her long-lost-super-confusing love Finn, Tally has to dip into the heart of Dalliance, Texas’s most scandalous secrets to catch a murderer…before someone puts Tally and her dreams on ice for good.

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Scoop to Kill

Tally Jones is right at home with ice cream, but the cold-blooded competition of academia is out of her depth.

When her smarty-pants niece Alice discovers the body of a graduate student at a college Honor’s Day event, suspicion falls on the professor accused of sexually harassing him. But just a few days later, she, too, is found dead.

Bodies are piling up in Dalliance faster than a house afire, and Tally has to put her responsibilities at Remember the A-la-mode on hold to clear the professor’s name. Doing so plunges her into a world of petty rivalries, academic dishonesty, and a sprinkle of adultery.

When Alice stumbles a little too close to a killer, Tally steps it up to prevent any more bloodshed.

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Scoop to Kill

The Lantana County Fair has come to town, and Tally Jones has scored a plum spot as a judge on one of the tasting panels. With her business warming up and her love life positively molten, Tally’s life feels like three scoops in a two-scoop cone.

But when her cousin Bree spots her no-good ex strutting across the fairgrounds like he owns the place with a wad of cash in his pocket and a fancy woman on his arm, the situation gets sticky.

After a livid Bree files for over a decade of back child support, her ex’s attorney ends up dead…with Bree standing over the body with a gun.

It is up to Tally to clear her cousin’s name or watch everyone’s happiness melt away.

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