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About the Lane Family

Nearly 2000 years ago, Morgan Luain, a bandui, a Druid woman, fell in love with a Roman soldier.  When he left Ireland, she learned she was pregnant with his child.  Distraught, she made a pact with Lir, the god of the sea, to prophesy his return.  Lir gave her the gift of seeing her lover’s fate in the pages of the codex he left behind, and she learned that her soldier had perished in a storm.  Heart broken, she died giving birth to her soldier’s children.


Her twin daughters, and the daughters who came after them, all possess Lir’s gift, the gift of bibliomancy:  they can read a person’s past, present, and future in the pages of a book that person has held and loved.  But there is a high price for the gift…the descendants of Morgan Luain, the Lane family, are destined to live out the story of Morgan and her soldier over and over … men lost to the sea, women lost in childbirth.

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